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Floriani Software

Floriani Total Control Pro

Floriani Total Control Pro -$2999

FTC-P: Floriani Total Control Professional gives you all the functions of Embroidery Suite PLUS amazing professional features included only in commercial grade software.

Includes All FEATURES in the Embroidery Suite PLUS:

  • Running Stitch for Redwork
  • Over 140 Fonts
  • Run Stitch Font
  • Tackle Twill Program
  • Inside-out Feature for Caps
  • New Pattern Fill Shapes
  • Save Design as JPG Feature
  • Auto baste feature
  • Create Custom Emboss & Fills
  • Alignment icons for easy placement
  • Optimizes entry and exit points

All the features of Floriani's Embroidery Suite are included PLUS MUCH MORE!:

Digitizing Features

  • 10 New Fonts with closest point connect
  • Redwork Tool
  • Appli-Stitch Tool
  • Tackle Twill Tool (create custom tackle twill patterns/designs)
  • Artwork tool (create vector artwork that can be exported -.plt format - or converted to stitches)
  • Trim Button (to quickly apply a trim after an object)
  • Insert Needle Change Button (to quickly apply a color change after an object)
  • Emboss Lines (for creating a split line for satin or fill patterns)
  • Inside - Out text Feature (for cap or jacket back lettering designs)
  • Pattern Shape Fill Patterns (new shaped fill pattern styles)
  • Appliqué Tool (create custom appliqué designs)
  • Cross Stitch Tool
  • Auto Digitizing Wizard (work with vector and image files
  • Segmented Auto Digitizing for user controlled auto digitizing
  • Manual Digitizing
  • Multiple Stitch Types (manual, run, satin, steil, fill)
  • Lettering Tool with 135 fonts
  • Monogram Tool with 75 exquisite type styles
  • Run Stitch Font designed for tiny lettering

Editing Features

  • Slice Tool for Splitting 1 element into multiple elements
  • Reduce Nodes/Points Function (to eliminate excess nodes/points for fast editing)
  • Reduce Angle Lines Function (to eliminate excess angle lines for fast editing)
  • Optimize Entry/Exit Points (automatically rearranges entry/exit points for design optimization)
  • Optimize Design Sequence (automatically rearranges design sewing sequence for optimal sewing sequence)
  • Convert between stitch types
  • Unlimited redo/undo
  • Add sections to existing embroidery objects
  • Auto-branching in manual Digitizing
  • Resequence by color
  • Resize with stitch regenerating
  • Alignment tools/functions
  • Transform designs/objects
  • Re-sequence object in Sequence manager
  • Break Apart text for additional editing capabilities
  • Modify start and end points of design elements
  • Modify stitch direction/angles in design elements
  • Modify element shape with node editing
  • Change density, underlay, underlay settings, compensation, stitch lengths
  • Envelope lettering
  • Join design elements with branching
  • Resize, Rotate, and distort lettering
  • Edit individual stitch points
  • Add and Delete individual stitches
  • Change node type/properties
  • Break up Path
  • Combine Run Stitch or Steil Stitch objects

View Features

  • View Properties Tabs as Icons
  • Design Library Gallery (drag & drop onto design page)
  • Zoom In & Out using mouse scroll
  • Image Fading
  • 3D replication of embroidery design
  • Customizable software layout
  • Slow Redraw - simulated stitch sewout
  • Floating or Docking Toolbars
  • Adjustable Grid settings (lines or dots)
  • Custom User-created guidelines
  • Select/Hide objects
  • Select/Hide by thread color
  • Select/Hide by segment
  • View embroidering sequence by color and/or segment view
  • Ruler - measure design elements
  • Show stitch view
  • Show outline view
  • View stitch ends
  • View design Sequence

Specialty Features

  • Create Custom Thread Charts
  • Save a Design as JPG
  • Color Blending Feature
  • Create Custom Emboss Fill Patterns
  • Create Custom Motif Patterns
  • Create Custom Standard Fill Patterns
  • Save2Sew - automatically adjusts design density, underlay, and compensation based on fabric type selected
  • Open, Create, Save designs in quilt formats (QCC, CQP, HQF, SSD, and TXT)

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP Home/Pro (SP1,2)
  • P4 Processor
  • 1GB Hard Drive Space
  • 500MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 Display
  • Mouse
  • Internet Access

Floriani Total Control Professional gives you professional production abilities ALL in ONE affordable package.

Please note: Once you have registered your software with Floriani it cannot be returned.