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Floriani AppliKay Wonder

floriani applikay
Name SizeCostQuantity
Appli-Kay Wonder Tape 1/2in X 9yd TAPE $5.95
Appli-Kay Wonder Tape 1.5in X 9yd TAPE $8.95
Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder 18in X 3yd $24.95
Floriani Commercial Size Stabilizer 18in X 9yd $49.95
Appli-Kay Wonder Tape 1in X 9yd TAPE $7.95
Appli-Kay Wonder Tape 2in X 9yd TAPE $10.95
Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder 9in X 3yds $16.95
Appli-Kay Wonder Tape 1/4in X 9yd $4.95
Floriani Appli-Kay Wonder 20 8.5 X 11 20 Sheets $29.95

Turn your embroidery designs into applique or patches with Floriani's AppliKay Wonder. This fusible webbing has a pressure sensitive side for easy positioning. Use to create beautiful traditional applique for quilts, home decorating and garments.

Now available in convenient printable sheets or tape size rolls.

Tape size rolls are ideal for holding decorative ribbons or trims in place while you stitch, paper crafting or use for flawless quilt binding! Available in 2, 1.5, 1 or widths.

Trace your shape onto the protective release paper side of Appli Kay Wonder. Fuse the soft side of the product to the wrong side of the fabric or item to be appliquéd. Cut out the shape and peel back the release paper, this exposes the sticky side. Position the applique as many times as you need and then press in to place for a permanent bond. Finish with a satin or decorative machine stitch.

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