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Inn-Spire Fabri-Glaze 8 Fluid Ounce is sold out.
Inn-Spire Fabri-Glaze 16 Fluid Ounce is sold out.
Inn-Spire Fabri-Glaze 32 Fluid Ounce is sold out.

Revolutionary and truly inspirational, inn-spire will redefine what you can create with a stiff, non-woven stabilizer. Inn-spire feels like a typical stiff, handbag stabilizer which you can currently find on the market. However, our revolutionary formula allows you to heat the material and mold it into any shape imaginable. We have now made these goods double-sided fusible to save you time. Imagine hats, costumes, ornaments, ribbons, boxes, napkin rings, vases, handbags, totes, bowls and boxes all covered in your fabric, but molded to your specific shape. Inn-Spire will inspire great things in you.

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