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Robison Anton Super Safe Nomex Thread

Robion Anton Nomex Thread
Super Safe Nomex Thread from Robison Anton is a fire resistant Nomex Embroidery Thread that is applicable for protective clothing anywhere you're worried about flash fires. Uses include apparel for safety personnel such as fire and police, military, and racing uniforms.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
Natural #30000 700yd $11.95
Goldenrod #70022 700yd $11.95
Navy #70047 700yd $11.95
Charcoal #70049 700yd $11.95
3000yd $32.95
Petrol Blue #70052 700yd $11.95
Steel #70054 700yd $11.95
Red #70057 700yd $11.95
Khaki #70062 700yd $11.95
Aquamarine #70063 700yd $11.95
Sage Green #70067 700yd $11.95
Brown #70069 700yd $11.95
Rusty Red #70072 700yd $11.95
Ever Navy #70074 700yd $11.95
Gold #70078 700yd $11.95
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