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YLI Jeans Stitch Thread Polyester

YLI Jeans Stitch Thread is the finest top stitch thread in the world. Consistently smooth without fuzz, YLI Jeans Stitch Thread works equally well as a decorative serging thread. Used in the upper and lower looper, it produces a colorful look and durable stitch. Of course, it's excellent for any topstitch application as well as for decorative machine embroidery. A highly twisted, size 30 polyester thread that can be used for topstitching. Or get really artistic and use it to create wonderful projects on your serger or sewing machine. It is machine washable, dry cleanable and colorfast. Jeans Stitch has recently gained popularity as a decorative quilt thread.
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Name Color SizeCostQuantity
White 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Black 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Hot Pink #1 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Cranberry #3 200yd/182m $4.75
Brown #4 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Navy #6 1500yd $16.95
Blue Jean Gold #7 200yd/182m $4.75
Topaz Gold #8 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Royal Blue #9 200yd/182m $4.75
Purple #11 200yd/182m $4.75
Lavender #12 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Sea Foam Green #13 200yd/182m $4.75
Soft Green #15 1500yd $16.95
Burnt Orange #17 200yd/182m $4.75
1500yd $16.95
Soft Pink #18 200yd/182m $4.75
Mauve #19 200yd/182m $4.75
Peach #20 1500yd $16.95
Orchid #21 200yd/182m $4.75
Yellow #22 1500yd $16.95
Off White #23 200yd/182m $4.75
Primaries #0VA 200yd/182m $4.75
Earth Tones #3VA 200yd/182m $4.75
Jewel Tones #4VA 200yd/182m $4.75
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